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Sam's Chowder House

By Eric Rumble
August 14th, 2009
Sam's Chowder House at night

Delicious seafood dishes in a casual, authentic setting

AN EAST COAST-style seafood house on the West Coast? Don’t think of it as a cheap throwback, or even an oxymoron; if anything, this charming and expansive family joint is a brilliant evolution of tried-and-true maritime dining.

Perched on a coastal cliff side facing the sunset and surfers on Half Moon Bay (a half-hour south of San Francisco), Sam’s has all sorts of idyllic seating options for digging into your seafood of choice, from a heated, dog-friendly patio to Adirondack chairs beside fire pits to the intentionally rustic shack-style South Beach Bar. The vibe here is casual and authentic, and the menu is broad and accommodating, with everything from Maine lobster to fresh local crab to Ahi Tuna poke.

Opened in October 2006, the property has strived to be eco-friendly by using rooftop solar power, biodegradable packaging, recycled cooking oil and fish suppliers who are equally focused on sustainability. And innovation isn’t limited to the restaurant itself: the proprietors’ newest endeavor is the San Francisco Bay Area’s first gourmet seafood truck, Sam’s ChowderMobile.