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The 10 Best Sandwiches in San Francisco

By John Birdsall, SFoodie Editor
Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Stuff between bread busted out bigger than Bieber this year ― but then, if you've been following our daily countdown of SFoodie's 92 favorite things to eat and drink, you knew that. We hoisted Dagwoods and sucked down sliders, stained our notebooks with burger juice and our pullovers with tartar sauce.

Today, in no particular order, we relive what we found to be the city's 10 best, the ones that made us suck our fingers after grubbing them down, evidence of the enormous creativity being lavished here on the ultimate in portable cuisine.

Find a spot on the lawn, spread out a blanket, and meet us after the jump.

1. Pastrami Sandwich from Orson
2. Spit-Roasted Porchetta from Il Cane Rosso
3. Chile-Braised Carnitas from Bento 415
4. Xiu Mai (Meatball) Banh Mi from Saigon Sandwich
5. Pulled Pork from Pal's Takeaway
6. Lobster Roll from Sam's ChowderMobile
7. Pan con Chicharron from El Perol
8. The Marlowe Burger
9. "Pulled" Lamb Sandwich from Wexler's
10. Plant Burger from The Plant Café Organic

Lobster Roll from Sam's ChowderMobile

Sam's Lobster Roll
photo by John Birdsall